Seeking his truth.

There are truths about Christianity that come to the surface fairly easily.  Virtually every Christian understands that Jesus died for our sins or that we are supposed to love our enemies.  But not many of us common Christians actually seek out the hidden truths of Christianity. 

Yes, Christ died for our sins, but how does that truth carry over into our day-to-day living?  Yes, we are to love our enemies, but how do we do that?   How do we, as Christians, apply this truth?  And more importantly, how do we find more truths like it?  After much studying, talking with friends and family members, and some alone time with Christ, one simple truth has prevailed.  One that, upon hearing, you will respond with a resounding, “duh!” 

That simple truth:  read the bible. 

See, I told you – duh, right?  But how many of us actually sit down and read our bibles (Aside from the few verses listed on the church bulletin every Sunday)?  Just recently, I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. to work on a speaking presentation for law school, yet I cringe when I think of waking up 30 minutes earlier to read from the book of life – a great tactic by the devil.  I need my sleep, right?  I need my down time, right?  It’s mine, RIGHT!?

And so this blog has come about.  I have challenged myself to read, just read the bible.  And as I read and learn, I’ll share what God has shown me.  And if He feels like it, He’ll give me the words to help us see these truths in a way that we can remember.  


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