A reminder of God's love.

A few days ago,  a speaker came to address some questions about Christianity to the Christian Legal Society. We discussed how "good" we must be to get into heaven and whether Jesus is the only way to God. It was more of a skeptic's forum. During the discussion, he told a compelling story that illustrates God's love in a way that made it easier for me to visualize. I don't remember certain details like time and place, but the main part of the story was too memorable to forget.

The speaker began by telling us about a judge in a country where Sharia law ruled.  This judge was well known for being fair. But when someone was convicted in his courtroom, he had no trouble sentencing them to the required punishment.  For a thief, that punishment was the amputation of a hand. One day, a woman was brought into the judge's courtroom. She had been accused of stealing. After hearing all of the evidence, it seemed that the judge would have no choice but to find her guilty. But in this case, the sentence was much harder for him to carry out.  Because if he were to sentence this woman, he would be sentencing his own mother.

Everyone in the courtroom knew of the relationship. They listened intently, wondering how this great judge would sentence his own mother. After a long pause, he looked at her and said, "After reviewing the evidence of your case, it is clear to me that you are guilty of this crime.  And the punishment for theft is amputation of the hand." The people were shocked at his ruling, that he could sentence his own mother to have her amputated.

After the sentencing was complete, the judge stood up and took off his robe. He walked down from the bench and kissed his mother.  Then, he walked to the amputation table, put his hand out and said, "I will be taking the punishment for her. She is cleared of any wrong she has committed."


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