Tall, dark and handsome.

When I pray, this is the face I see. If you are an American and disagree with me, you are lying. Every picture we see of Jesus is similar to Mr. Caviezel here. But what does the bible say about the way Jesus looked? Not much.

When Isaiah prophesied about the acceptance of Jesus among the Gentiles and rejection from the Jews, he mentioned one descriptor of Jesus -"He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire." (Isaiah 53:2). Try something for me. Next time you are in the grocery store, walk up to someone and say, "You have no beauty or majesty that is attractive. You are physically undesirable." Isaiah's description becomes more harsh when we think about it in that context.

But why would we picture Jesus as some being who would be known as the Christ by his appearance? That's not relatable. And if he came for any reason, it was to relate to us. He came to experience temptation and hunger and pain. He came from a sinless, painless, beautiful world to Earth. It wouldn't be God's style to entice people to the truth based on his looks. He knows what our minds would do with that. Beautiful people are already treated differently. Jesus did not want people to follow him based on his looks just as God does not want us to choose him because we have to. He came to save us. He didn't come with "beauty or majesty," but with love. And by that love we know that he is God.

That's a good question to ask of ourselves. How are we known by others? By our looks? Our relationships? Our habits? Our anger? Or by love?


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