Billions of Voices

No, I'm not going crazy.  But I did feel like I heard a billion voices yesterday. It's always interesting to be around people that are so different from you. We are in Maine. Walking through the airports, we navigated around thousands of people. I heard bits and pieces of their conversations, but I could never really catch more than a sentence or two.  Karen's finishing up nursing school. A man was missing his sweetheart. One lady was telling someone about her nephew's christening.

After a while, it became a game to me. I was trying to listen to everyone that I could at the same time and see if I could make out what each person was saying individually. I heard familiar words, but I could not keep all of their sentences straight. And then I thought about God and how I feel like he only listens to me. But in reality, he listens to all that come to him. I could not effectively listen to the people around me, but God... He invites billions of voices to pray to him.  And he hears everyone.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Evan, and reminds me how someone as powerful as God cares for each and every soul especially the unsaved to turn to Him.

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