Do you tweet? If so, you know the importance of followers.  Followers are the currency of twitter.  The more you have, the richer you are (at least it feels that way).

But what are your followers really thinking when you send out those 140 characters of wisdom?  The truth is, most people aren't refreshing their twitter account every five minutes in hopes that you have tweeted.  I'm not exactly certain why twitter even chose to call them followers in the first place.  If anything, we are subscribers to the thoughts people send out on twitter.  To me, following someone requires more action-oriented behavior.  I think of physically following someone.

Twitter's definition of "follow" has become very similar to how some of us Christians follow Jesus.  We sign up for a Christianity account, find @Jesus and start following him.  But if we applied twitter's definition of "follower" to our relationship with God, we are to just sit around and wait for Him to tweet.  We would get God's tweets from inspirational billboards, sermons, songs on the radio, etc.  But that's hardly following God.  To follow someone, you have to stay close enough to them to see where they are going.  If we sit around and wait for God's tweets, it will be hard to follow him much farther.  And when we finally look up, it will be tough to see which direction he went.


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