The Importance of Repetition.

Every morning, I wake up and brush my teeth.  The act of brushing my teeth is almost subconscious.  I do it because that's just what you do when you wake up.  But why do I really do it?  It's a pretty boring task.  It's even more boring to write about.  I do it because I know that if I don't, my teeth will eventually rot and fall out.  And somehow, that keeps me motivated to get up every morning, stick a small brush in my mouth and rub it around until I'm finished singing three verses of the Happy Birthday song in my head. 

We are made for repetition.  For some reason, God designed this world so that most things in life that have value must be worked for.  So we work.  Because it's worth it.  Whatever "it" is.  It could be the television you are saving $10 a week for.  Or the half-marathon you are running a few miles a day to prepare for.  No one questions those repetitions.  We repeat ourselves to be ready for the day or the test or the race.  And if "it" is worth it to us, the monotony of repetition does not wear us down because we know what our goal is.

What if our goal was a close, real relationship with God?  Not one that Christians get made fun of for talking about.  I'm talking about speaking to God through daily prayer. And listening to God through daily scripture reading.  These are the simple steps to a relationship with God, but man are they monotonous.  Some days, reading the bible sounds less fun than brushing my teeth.  And I forget to pray because it's not natural to talk to someone in your mind or to the air. But that's only when I forget what my goal is - to befriend God.  When I remember that goal, I realize that repetition is the only way to build the relationship I want with God.  Because it connects me to a personal God, not just one that I request favors from.


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