Prayer Checklist

It's strange how we approach Christianity, as if our habits and ideas should be applied differently in carrying out our faith than in other areas of our lives. 

Depending on your personality, you may or may not love checklists. I make them all the time. I could not live without checklists. If I don't write something down, I will forget it. I make checklists for the grocery store, for my school assignments, for my work assignments, even things I need to do around the house. But not once have I ever thought to make a prayer checklist.

I have the hardest time remembering to pray. I get so stressed about something and praying about it is usually my third or fourth response. And when I do remember to pray, I cannot remember half the things I meant to pray for. This is a problem. Especially since praying is the sole way to talk to God.

So, I've decided to try out my habit of checklists in my faith. I've made a folder in my e-mail account with a daily prayer. It's something I wrote up that I feel like I need to tell God each day that I am alive. I also keep a small notebook with me. If you work in an office, you could just use a sticky notepad. I use the notebook to write down prayers that I want spend time talking to God about. This gives me a constant reference to those prayers. It also keeps my faith practical.

What habits or ideas do you have that keep your faith practical?


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