What I hate about Christianity.

Ok, I don't actually hate anything about Christianity. But I do hate the way it's used sometimes. Christianity is like Frodo's One Ring. Very powerful, but if put into the hands of the wrong people, it can be a deadly weapon.

Last year, the Christian Legal Society hosted a forum called, "Is There A God?"  The goal of the title was to pose a question so intriguing that people could not resist coming to the event.  It worked.  Over 50 people came, a large number compared to other events we had.  Students wanted to know if we could prove that there is a God.  It was a very interesting discussion.  There were all types of denominations of Christianity and other religions. 

One student sat through the discussion without participating, until the end.  He told us that he grew up in a Christian home, but later became an athiest.  The leader of the discussion politely asked what caused the separation from God.  It was very tense in the room. The student said that although his parents claimed to be Christians, they used the religion to control and manipulate him, and even abuse him.  He couldn't believe that a loving God would allow the awful things that were done to him in Jesus's name. I remember him saying that his beatings were in the name of Christ.  I had heard of people in these situations, but had never heard someone share their story.  It was disturbing to hear how Christianity can be so distorted. 

That day, I realized the awesome responsibility we have as Christians. When we claim Christianity, we have the power to shape the perception of Christianity.  I don't know why God has entrusted us with this job, but he has.


Firefly said...

I suppose this is why I have taken a step back from Christianity as a religion. Many of the believers I have encountered simply use it as an excuse for their hate and intolerance.
When worshipping God became more of a chore than a delight because of the people around me, I knew it was time for a change. A change to what? I'm still trying to figure that out.

Joshua Rogers said...

It's not that hard to point out the way that many people use the faith as an excuse for hate, intolerance, legalism, murder, sexual abuse, or whatever. But I would be interested in how *you* used it, what you did with that which you were given.

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