Getting serious about lightening up.

This is my dog, Jack.  He has no sense of humor.  I can tell when he's happy or upset, but humor, he doesn't get.  He brings his ball to our feet in the morning and then he'll lie down and stare at it until we leave.  He's always ready, just in case we decide to kick the ball across the room.  If he were a human, he'd be the guy in life that takes everything way too seriously.  In other words, if he were human, he'd be me. 

Yes, I'm that guy.  The guy in the office that worries about the smallest problem.  I over-analyze just about every area of my life.  Rachel and I have a running joke about my mountain out of a mole hill moments.  If it ever gets to the point where I am obviously being a spaz, I'll look at her and say, "Life or Death."  I'm either reminding her that every decision is life or death to me, or I just need a reminder that some things really aren't that serious.  That's what I'd like to tell Jack sometimes.  You'd live longer if you would loosen up a bit. 

Depending on your personality, some of you can relate.  Others, meaning people that take life as seriously as they should, but not too serious, probably find people with my personality to be annoying.  What those people don't know is that it is annoying to us uptights too.  I claim to be a Christian, but some days I don't show the joy that is expected of me.  Some days I can't even fake it.  I get in a bad mood or start to worry about something that needs to be done and out goes my joy.  I read Bible verses about letting tomorrow take care of itself and then worry some more. 

The other day I was around a group of guys that got me laughing so hard I cried.  When it was all over, we sighed - the thing you do after a big laugh.  I remember thinking that it had been a while since I'd laughed that hard.  Don't get me wrong; I am generally a happy person.  But I wouldn't describe myself as joyful, someone who makes other people joyful. 

I think the first step in lightening up is to find something that will make you laugh.  It can be a friend, or a YouTube video.  Try it in the morning.  I think we'd have much more joyful days if we started them off with a prayer and a laugh.  I know it's probably not the Christian thing to do to watch a YouTube video and laugh at someone, but this video should get you started:  Star Wars Kid.  And when you're done with that, check out the same video - post editing:  The Drunken Jedi

I hope that you have a joyful day today.  Don't take life too seriously.  By the way, that picture of Jack is actually a live feed.  He is still waiting on someone to throw his ball.


Julee Turner said...

Oh my word! Those videos are hilarious! Poor Jack is so serious! He just wants to play ball and eat human food for his 13+ years on Earth... is that too much to ask? haha!

Joshua Rogers said...

Very well done, Evan.

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