6 Blogs I Read Every Day

I have 6 friends.  Most of them don't even know who I am, but I know them.  They each have a blog that I visit every day.  They have given me wisdom on productivity, writing, spirituality, humor, and even cooking.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

The 6 blogs I read every day:

1) Donald Miller's Blog
Donald Miller is the author of the best-selling book, Blue Like Jazz.  I usually read Don's blog first.  He likes to talk a lot about sunrises, so it seems fitting to read his posts when I wake up.

Don will stretch your brain.  I read his blog for two reasons: (1) he says what everyone else is thinking, but won't say; and (2) he's a bit controversial at times, which is just down right entertaining.  A lot of his posts are opinion posts about Christianity or culture.  And with opinion comes confrontation. 

Check out his blog here.

2) Michael Hyatt's Blog
I learned of Michael Hyatt from my friend, Don Miller.  Michael is the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the world's largest Christian publishing company.  He focuses primarily on productivity, publishing and leadership.

Here are two of my favorite posts from Michael:  Advice to First-Time Authors and Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast

3) Stuff Christians Like
Jon Acuff is the creator of Stuff Christians Like, a blog that Jon says is a direct rip-off of Stuff White People Like.  But Jon's blog is way better. 

He pokes fun at Christians.  And he does it very well.  Jon says that "laughter is a gift from God, and when we refuse to accept it, it makes him want to take it back."  His posts are mostly humorous, but always insightful. 

Here are two posts to get you started:  Man on Fire and 5 people you meet in any small group.

4) Seth's Blog
Seth Godin has written 12 bestsellers about marketing and business.  It took some outside reading to understand what Seth's blog is really about, but I have come to love his wisdom on marketing ideas and setting yourself apart.  Though I often feel like I'm in the movie Inception when I read his blog.  He is a very forward thinker.

Check out Seth's blog here

5) MacGregor Literary
Chip MacGregor is a literary agent who was recommended to me by Michael Hyatt in the Advice for First-Time Authors post I linked to above.  I read Chip's blog for his extremely practical advice on writing and publishing. 

He is a very successful literary agent and has a wealth of experience to share with aspiring writers.  I subscribe to his posts via e-mail and read them when I need some guidance on writing. 

Check out Chip's blog here.

6) Dinner Bells
One of my favorite blogs to read is by a girl I happen to live with.  She is very beautiful and I even convinced her to share a last name with me. 

Dinner Bells is a cooking/party blog that my wife started due to her love of well, cooking and party planning.  I enjoy Rachel's blog because I get to see (and eat) the post before it's published.  She is an amazing cook, and I have learned so much from her in the kitchen. 

But the main reason I enjoy reading her blog is her enthusiasm for what she does.  She lets us in on her family cooking secrets, her thoughts on cooking, and her desire for others to enjoy it as much as she does.

All of her posts are great.  But there is one in particular that is especially worth reading - Evan In The Kitchen.

So, what have I missed?  What are the blogs that you cannot go a day without reading?


Joshua Rogers said...

In ten years, I'll bet the most successful of these blogs will be Dinner Bells. People get tired of hearing guys go on and on about all they know, but they never get tired of eating.

Anita Bell said...

I watched the video on Donald Miller's blog of the lady talking about running through the fountain with her clothes on. It so reminded me of us at Memphis in May when we walked through the 12 inch mud. lol I think it is ok to let go once in a while and enjoy life. I am glad I had that memory with you. :)

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