Christians in Diapers

I used to think that once you become a Christian, you enter into a family, in which God is the father and we are his children. And that just as a loving earthly father would not rank his children, God loves us equally. I've come to realize this is true.

But there is another truth that comes with being "born again" into the family of God - a truth that is often overlooked. We are not all born at the same time.

The moment we accept Jesus into our heart and mind, we are spiritually transformed into a newborn. There are fifty-year-old Christian babies in this world, crawling around in diapers, searching for spiritual food to grow.

God gives bits of wisdom to the older Christians, but they've obtained it through prayer and maturity in their faith. 

It's not wrong to be an infant Christian.  But we should not stay this way.


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