Why All Christians Should Blog

Or journal... or write in some form. 

1.  Writing clarifies your thoughts.
The act of writing down your thoughts helps you clarify the way you think and believe. I once read that easy reading is dang hard writing (expletive removed). The reason for this is that a good author prunes his or her sentences until they're perfect. They are finished only when the group of words form exactly what they were thinking, and occasionally that group of words form their thoughts.

We are to always "be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Pet. 3:15). Writing helps you prepare that answer.

2. Writing reminds you of how big God is.
This is especially true for people that keep a prayer journal. We're very forgetful of God's track record. He answers prayers we forgot we even asked. Keeping a journal or a calendar of when and what we prayed and when and how God answered those prayers helps us realize how much God truly cares about us. 


5 Practical Ways To Be A Leader In Your Home

1.  Pray with her.
This one is always a bit awkward at first. You hold hands and close your eyes. Then you talk to God in a tone of voice that you'd never use to talk with another human. And you ask for things like blessings for the food or safety in travel. Those are great prayers. In fact, prayer before meals is a good start. But do you pray like this when it's just you and God?

A leader takes his wife's hand and goes before the Lord with all family concerns and requests. He tells her through his actions that he gladly accepts responsibility for the spiritual direction of the family.


I'm Too Young To Lead

One of Satan's biggest lies is that we are too young to lead. Most of what our leadership role requires us to do is not complex; we've just never done it before. And our lack of experience keeps us from leading.

When Rachel and I got married, I knew that she expected me to be the leader in our home. The thought frightened me for two reasons: (1) I had no idea what that meant; and (2) my youth did not lend to much experience.  It still doesn't. But over the past year and a half, I have learned that, to God, age is an afterthought.


The Most Important Need You May Not Know She Has

Chivalry is anything but dead.

If it were, movies like Braveheart would flop. The truth is, chivalry is very much alive.  Especially in the mystical and complex desires of a woman. Yes, watching William Wallace lead an outnumbered army of Scottish warriors into a bloody battle against the English is exhilirating, but look over at your wife during those scenes and you'll likely find her covering her eyes for the blood.


Wedding Reception Dancing.

If you really think about it, it's amazing how much other people influence our decisions.  So much of what we want to do, but don't, is a result of what someone might think of us.


The Difference Between You and Your Pastor.

We've all been through what feels like periods of separation from God.  It usually begins with sin, and then guilt, and then we hide.  Some of us hide for days.  Some for weeks or months.  But once we realize that God is not angrily looking down on us with his hands on his hips while tapping his foot, the stupidity of the "I can't talk to God because I'm embarrassed, unworthy, or ashamed" mindset starts to resonate.


Convert to Coward

In the beginning, it's easy.  We learn that Jesus died for us and that he loves sinners.  But then we have to call ourselves Christians, which is fine until we find ourselves in situations that force us to make choices.  Choices between "what Jesus would do" and what the world expects us to do.