The Difference Between You and Your Pastor.

We've all been through what feels like periods of separation from God.  It usually begins with sin, and then guilt, and then we hide.  Some of us hide for days.  Some for weeks or months.  But once we realize that God is not angrily looking down on us with his hands on his hips while tapping his foot, the stupidity of the "I can't talk to God because I'm embarrassed, unworthy, or ashamed" mindset starts to resonate.
But what if being close to God was our job?

I am always amazed by a pastor's ability to think of new and engaging ways to tell people about Christ.  But to do that week after week sounds terrifying.

The reason they can do this, however, and the thing that separates them from most of us, is not their biblical knowledge or their seminary degree.  The single factor that separates us from our pastors is that at some point, they realized that it is not about them.  The most effective pastors remain close to God because they realize whose work they are doing.  And the more they remind themselves of that truth, the more God can use them.


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