The Most Important Need You May Not Know She Has

Chivalry is anything but dead.

If it were, movies like Braveheart would flop. The truth is, chivalry is very much alive.  Especially in the mystical and complex desires of a woman. Yes, watching William Wallace lead an outnumbered army of Scottish warriors into a bloody battle against the English is exhilirating, but look over at your wife during those scenes and you'll likely find her covering her eyes for the blood.
The scenes that keep her interested, and the scenes that we should learn from, are the ones in which William and Murron interact (excluding the love scene, of course). Watch the way he looks at her, kisses her, respects her, leads her and fights for her. In those scenes, the self-proclaimed savage transforms into the model man. 

Your wife is longing for a man like that - for you to be a man like that. The need she has, whether you know it or not, is your leadership. Leadership in love, faith, parenting, finances. It is only when we, as men, start to understand and explore that need that our relationships can flourish beyond our imagination.

This is the first of three posts on marital leadership. I am speaking directly to married men, however, wives, I'm speaking for you, so please correct, add, or add emphasis!


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