Wedding Reception Dancing.

If you really think about it, it's amazing how much other people influence our decisions.  So much of what we want to do, but don't, is a result of what someone might think of us.
You wouldn't know it by looking at me (that's not me -->), but I truly enjoy dancing.  And when there's an opportunity to dance, I'm in.  By that, I mean I only dance at wedding receptions, where everyone is already dancing... and drunk.

But in those moments of awkward white boy dancing, I experience joy.  The thing about wedding reception dancing is that the floor is always empty until a few brave souls show us how enjoyable it can be.

By the time the Cha Cha Slide plays, you're considered a party pooper if you're not on that dance floor.

I wonder what our world would look like if unbelievers could see us having that much fun in our faith.  Instead of worrying about what they might think of us, what if we lived in a way that made it irresistible to join us?


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