Seeking Uncertainty

We are on a constant search for certainty. Lord, please show me every detail of the plan you have for my life. Please show me when I'll be getting that job I've been wanting. Show me the grades I'll be getting.  And it'd be nice if you'd let me know when I'll be having children, and how many. Tell me everything you know about my life so I can finally have some peace.

Our prayers may not sound that ridiculous, but that is essentially what we are saying to God in our thoughts.

If there is one thing I've learned about God, it's that he will do anything to pull us back to him. If he showed us his plan, we would hijack it and try to speed it up, slow it down, and change its direction. But more importantly, we would not need him anymore.

What if we let go of that pursuit of certainty and sought out uncertainty, where we know God will be waiting for us? Where we can only rely on God. The paradox is that there is probably more peace than we've ever known in those situations; we've just never sought them out.

As hard as it may be, be thankful for the uncertainty in your life. Lean into it. There's no better opportunity to be closer to God.


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