What Usher Got Right

The "I wanna thank..." speech has become my favorite part of music award shows. And a few weeks back, the American Music Awards delivered some epic speeches. Did you know that but for Michael Jackson, none of us would be here? Does Justin Bieber know something we don’t?

Anyway, the most interesting thing about those award speeches is that God suddenly becomes very popular. It’s certainly not for me to judge who's sincere, but it seems that no matter the lyrics or lifestyle, most award-winning artists start their speech by thanking God. This is great publicity for God, but it’s a bit unnerving when He is thanked for songs with lyrics ranging from beer drinkin’ to promiscuity.

There is, however, one performer that seems to get it. Say what you want about his “confessions." Usher knows how to thank God.

Before thanking all of the people that helped him get to where he is, Usher thanked God “for his gifts.” I’ve never heard anyone do that. At first, it sounded like a very egotistical way to begin an award speech. But the more I thought about it, the more I believe Usher got it right, whether he knew it or not.

We forget that God gives us our talents. It’s okay to actually use the gifts that God gave you. Just remember where they came from.


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