Guessing At God's Plan

As hard as it is to explain the Christian faith, it's harder still to tell someone that you believe what you're doing is a part of God's plan for your life.

"Really?" they ask. "And how do you know this is what God wants you to do?"

No one ever asks that question. At least not where I'm from. It would be completely inappropriate. If someone can look you in the eye and tell you that God wants them to sell everything and move to Africa, you're not in a position to question them. Not because what they're saying isn't crazy. But because they may be right.

No one really knows what God is telling us to do. We can only act on feelings, dreams and an inability to think of anything else. When the proverbial God tug comes, prepare to expend great amounts of energy explaining it to yourself and to others. But spend less time explaining it to others.

One more thing - you'll never be certain. You were never made to be certain. Faith will always be that firm belief in something for which there is little objective proof. Your job is to keep acting on that faith, guessing at God's plan, and enjoying the ride when you get it right.


Spiritual Klutz said...

People really do abuse the whole "I've got a peace about it"/"God told me" thing though.

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