Your Opinion

Look at a person's résumé and you'll learn what they've done, where they've been, and a few of their interests.

Listen to a person's opinion and you'll get so much more. 

The problem is that sharing an opinion can be tough. Others may disagree. But they might also learn. I've a friend who listened to a professor ramble about how ridiculous Christianity is. The professor even misrepresented several parts of the Bible. My friend could have let him ramble. But he didn't. He told the professor what he believed. And offered a few polite corrections to the stories he had told about Jesus. 

Afterward, another student approached my friend. "I'm not a Christian," he said, "but I knew some of that stuff he was saying about Jesus wasn't right." 

I'm not sure that we'll ever know the significance of that conversation, but thanks to my friend, that student knows the real story of Jesus. 


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