What My Son Has Taught Me About God

A lot of people don't think about this, but waiting for an adoption to go through is a lot like waiting for a mother to have her baby. People have asked me, "was it weird, just immediately becoming a dad?" I understand the question. And yes, it would be weird if that were the case. But the reality is, I was his father long before we brought him home. Like biological parents, we've had months to plan and prepare for him. To pray for him. To trust that God is in control of his life.

In that time of waiting, I realized so many things that I want to teach him. I have literally daydreamed of teaching him how to treat women; how to throw a baseball; how to play the guitar; how to ride a bike; how to change a tire; and how to pray. But the one thing I never expected was that my son would teach me some things, too.

He has taught me about our role as children of God. He's taught me that my dependence on God is pleasing to Him. He's taught me that God is protecting me.  He's taught me that God's intentions for my life are pure.

I am thankful that He has given me a son that has already taught me more about God's love.


Spiritual Klutz said...

You and your wife's blog have gotten me all teary-eyed lately.

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