What's Your Love Language?

There's this book called The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. It hasn't done that well (only about 5,000,000 copies sold), but it's one of my favorite books. I love learning how people think, and what motivates them. And like most people, if they're honest, I love to learn about myself. After reading that book, I learned that I can't resist a good compliment in words. Words of affirmation, as Chapman calls it.

My listening skills aren't perfect; okay, they're terrible. Rachel can ask me to get 3 things from the grocery store and I'll forget something by the time I leave the house. But when she compliments me, my mind becomes a steel trap. And I can access those compliments as fast as Rain Man can count toothpicks. I'm so far in the words of affirmation camp that I've even created a file for encouraging emails.

Is this weird?
Wait, you don't have an encouragement email file like this one? Oh, me neither. I just got that screen shot from some loser off of Flickr. 

If you haven't read The Five Love Languages, you need to make that happen.  It will help you understand the way you give and receive love, and it will make you a better spouse. But for now, take the love language test. 

If you have read it, what's your love language? 


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