Where I've Been And Where I'm Going

I recently finished a month-long writing project. It monopolized my spare time and even became jealous of my other writing interests.  Once I swear I heard voices threatening my hard drive if I even thought about writing a blog post. 

Now that the voices are gone, I've had some time to think about my blog - to really think about what and how often I post. I started this blog to encourage others and to make Christianity easy to discuss. But I often find myself thinking of ways to get more readers or write more posts. Don't get me wrong; I care about getting more readers and writing more posts. If a blogger tells you otherwise, he's lying. The problem is that those motivations fuel my human desires, taking glory from God. 

I've prayed that God would speak through my posts. And I believe He holds back when I write for the wrong reasons. So instead of writing two or three posts a week, regardless of the motivation, I've decided to write only when I can put something down that's honest. Something that might encourage others. I pray that I will write more often than not, but only if God wants more use out of me. 

Thanks for reading.